The Bi120 is the most popular amplifier in the series.

Countless hours of fine tuning has resulted in one of the most musical amplifier in our entire range.

The sonic character of the Bi120 is one of transparent vocals, pristine highs and define bass. Vocals are sharply focused and forward projecting.

Power heatsink of the Bi120 is supplied with the Kit.

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USA only

The Bi120 Kit is one channel (Unassembled).
Power Heatsink INCLUDED in Kit.
Power Transformer not included.


Courtesy of Mervyn Isaac
Wangara, Australia

with External Power Transformer

Courtesy of Mark Nash

2 pcs of Elna 47,000uF
for filter capacitors
5 modules of Bi120 wired up to supply caps
AC socket at left for external transformer
External 1200VA power transformer with InRush

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