AmpsLab would like to thank all contributors for their fantastic work and ingenuity.

by Kostas Lentas, UK
by Patrik Hertzog, DE
Lm60 with Mission 752
by David Shoubridge, UK
by Tony Roberts, UK
Hx100 2.1ch Hi-Fi 450W/RMS
by Tyler Curran, USA
Hx100 x7
by Dan Wiering, Australia
Hx200 Subwoofer Amp
by John Bloor, UK
Hx200 Denon retrofit
by Nielsen, Denmark
Hx200 Furniture
by Bill Morse, USA
Hx350 Dual Monoblock
by Dan Wiering, Australia
1,000Watts/RMS Hx350
by Grant Kennewall, Australia

Bi120 with Ext. Transformer
by Mark Nash, USA

XO2 sub Crossover
by John Bloor, UK

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