Hx100 mk2
IRFP240/9240 Vertical Mosfets
Direct Drive technology

The Hx100 mk2 is a major upgrade. Transistors in the 2nd differential stage have been replaced by 2SD669A and 2SB649A. Coupled with delicate tweaking of component values, the mk2 now boasts lower distortion than her predecessor. At 100W continuous into 8 ohms, THD for 1kHz is an impressive 0.0065%. At 20kHz, it's only 0.0593%. With this level of performance, the Hx100 mk2 is ideally suited for hifi and home theater.

Measurements made with Boonton 1130 Distortion Analyzer with Signal Generator from the HP339A.

Hx100 mk2 Kit : US$ 105/-
Typical THD @ 100 watts into 8 ohms
1kHz 0.0065 %
10kHz 0.0361 %
20kHz 0.0593 %

Typical THD @ 50 watts into 8 ohms
1kHz 0.0045 %
10kHz 0.0169 %
20kHz 0.0295 %

Power Transformer : 40-0-40 Vac

Please note the Hx100mk2 is a discrete amplifier. As such, it is not recommended for beginners.

The Mk2 is one channel and is issued Unassembled. Two kits are required for stereo.

To complete the amplifier, the following are needed:

1) a power supply - consisting of a power transformer, filter capacitors and a bridge rectifier
2) a heatsink for the power mosfets
3) a metal case and the necessary connectors

2.1 ch Hi-Fi
450W/rms Hx100

courtesy of
Tyler Curran
7-ch Hx100

courtesy of
Daniel Wiering

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