Hx350 Monoblocks
1,000Watts/RMS 2 ohms
20 power mosfets per channel

by Daniel Wiering ( Australia )

"After purchasing two HX350 from Michael at Ampslab, I was impressed with the service I received and the speed of delivery. Michael was happy to answer all my questions, providing excellent after sales service also.

In terms of building the HX350 amplifiers, I was happy to find the instructions and circuit diagrams supplied with the HX350 very clear and straightforward.

Listening to the HX350 amplifier reveals an amplifier with low noise and a high level of control. There is a lot of headroom for large transients in music. I find the sound to be very clean and clear.

For me the best part of the HX350 module is the ability to double the standard output stage. This allows literally double the output power with the benefit of increased stability into low impedance loads.

If you are contemplating a high powered mosfet amplifier and you need flexibility in terms of output power or what style of heat sink and case you wish to use, try the HX350. In my opinion, the HX350 kit really brings high power, high quality amplification within reach of the home constructor."

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