Lm60 mk2
2SK1058/2SJ162 Lateral Mosfets

Direct Drive technology

AmpsLab is pleased to announce the latest update to our popular Lm60. The Mk2 now sports a double-sided pcb incorporating a Ground and Power planes on the component side. All through holes are plated for easy soldering. Best of all, it comes in a sexy red solder mask.

The circuitry and all components remain unchanged, so builders are assured of the same sound quality. As a token of our appreciation, there's no price increase.

Lm60 mk2 Kit : US$ 95/-
Typical THD @ 70 watts into 8 Ω
1kHz 0.0131 %
10kHz 0.0461 %
20kHz 0.0968 %

Typical THD @ 50 watts into 8 Ω
1kHz 0.0099 %
10kHz 0.0270 %
20kHz 0.0522 %

Full Power Output
70 Watts RMS into 8 Ω
100 Watts RMS into 4 Ω

Power Transformer (2 channels)
30-0-30 Vac (300VA)

Please note the Lm60mk2 is a discrete amplifier. As such, it is not recommended for beginners.

The Mk2 is one channel and is issued Unassembled. Two kits are required for stereo.


To complete the amplifier, the following are needed:

1) a power supply - consisting of a power transformer, filter capacitors and a bridge rectifier

2) heatsinks for the power mosfets

3) a metal case and the necessary connectors


N-channel Hitachi
Mosfet 2SK1058
Thermal controller
not required
Clean 10KHz Square
wave response into 8
A pair of Lm60 prepared for 1U height case

courtesy of
Kostas Lentas
courtesy of
Patrik Hertzog
courtesy of
David Shoubridge
courtesy of
Tony Roberts

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