The Lm60 uses a pair of highly acclaimed Hitachi Lateral Mosfets 2SK1058 & 2SJ162 for the current stage.

These mosfets are reputed to be the only transistors manufactured solely for audio applications. Unlike normal power transistors, the Hitachi Mosfets do not suffer from Secondary Breakdown. Best of all, they are immune to Thermal Runaway.

In musical reproduction, the Lm60 is probably the sweetest sounding amplifier in AmpsLab. Highly recommended for tube aficionados who are migrating to solid state.

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USA only

The Lm60 Kit is one channel (Unassembled).
Power Transformer and Heatsink not included in Kit.


N-channel Hitachi
Mosfet 2SK1058
Thermal controller
not required
Clean 10KHz Square
wave response into 8 W
A pair of Lm60 prepared for 1U height case

courtesy of
Patrik Hertzog
courtesy of
David Shoubridge
courtesy of
Tony Roberts

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