Dayton H07E EQ

The EQ is pretty straightforward. The main network is the 4uF//4.7 ohms. Normally, this kind of network is used in a Constant Directivity Horn to equalize it for a flat response. But instead of "Flat", my eq results in a treble boost.

The 8.2uF is a sweetener. This capacitor attenuates the 2,250Hz hump, resulting in a much more natural sibilance.


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Dayton RS180s

The woofer network looks complicating but if you break it down in stages, it's quite simple.

The network with the 0.95mH is a shelving filter. Its purpose is to flatten the 1kHz~2 kHz region, thereby eliminating the "Glare" in the mid-range. Without this network, "listening fatigue" will set in.

The next network with the 1.5mH is a Bass Boost shelving filter. Lastly, the 10uF+10 ohms is for impedance eq.


All Inductors are 18 awg Air Core
All Capacitors are Polypropylene

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