Fig 8 - mic at 1 meter

In-Room Response

Fig 8 is the in-room Frequency Response of the Nightingale-ii measured with Dayton's OmniMic v2.

Note that the compression driver is about 2.5dB higher than the Dayton RS-180s.

The reason for this is because the compression driver volume is adjusted for my listening distance of 2 meters.

With the microphone placed at 1 meter, it records a higher level.

If I were to adjust the compression driver for a Flat Response at 1 meter, I find the highs are too soft at 2 meters.

As far as I'm concerned, a Flat Response at 1 meter is only valid if one is listening at 1 meter away. Most of us don't.

Acoustic Crossover

Though the drivers cross at 1,800Hz, we must not forget that the compression driver is adjusted for 2.5dB higher.

If it is adjusted to the same level as the woofer, the crossover frequency will be nearer to 2,200Hz, which is the Synergy Active Crossover setting.

Room Nodes

While frequencies above 500Hz are similar to a Quasi-Anechoic Response, frequencies below 500Hz are affected by room nodes. Note the deep notch at about 150Hz. I believe that comes from a floor bounce with the Nightingale placed at 1 meter above the floor.

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