Computer Box Modeling vs True Acoustic Response

Summed Response Up Close


From Figure 11, we can observe that the F3 of the summed response to be at 49Hz.

Compared to our box modeling (Figure 12), where F3 was predicted to be at 50Hz, this is indeed very close.

We shall now turn our attention to the nature of the rolloff. This is in fact more important than F3. It can mean a boomy bass or one that's tight and dynamic.

In the actual summed response, rolloff is Bessel like - starts early and rolls off gently. This is very similar to what is shown in simulation.

With these results, we can safely conclude that with precise Thiele and Small Parameters, box modeling is very accurate.

In the next chapter, we shall examine the true frequency response of the PL18 in practical use, that is with it loaded into a 18L box and see much it deviates from a typical Frequency Response Chart provided by the manufacturers.

(Figure 11) Close up of Summed Response of Vifa PL18WO09 & Port

(Figure 12) Box Plot of Vifa PL18WO09 by WinISD

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