7-channels Home Theater Power Amplifier
1,050Watts/rms with Hx100

by Daniel Wiering ( Australia )

"To ensure an adequate reserve of power I chose two 650 VA toroidal transformers, each rectified by 35A high surge current bridge rectifier. The PSU60 kit from Ampslab provides the fuses and connections for the power rails and 60 000uF of capacitance. I added two additional 22 000uF high current capacitors due to the large number of amplifier modules. With all this capacitance I installed the Soft start turn on delay kit from Ampslab so the amp does not trip any circuit breakers or fuses. This delay also helps stop the house lights dimming and "thump" noise in speakers at amplifier turn on. The soft start turn on delay is powered via a small12V toroidal transformer mounted to the base panel.

The next thing I did was power up the amplifier to test it. I was nervous at first but after I applied power and no smoke/fire/sparks were seen I was happy!! I applied bias to all seven modules per the Ampslab instruction, the bias level is really easy to set accurately so I was very happy at this point.

After all the time and effort I put
into building this amplifier I could not wait to listen
to it so I connected it to a CD/DVD player to listen

straight away. After checking each channel operated correctly by ear and then with a CRO I was very pleased with the results, the sound is very clean and clear with no hiss or hum and plenty of power in reserve.

Initially I was building this amplifier to sell, however after listening to it and using it I cannot bring myself to sell it.

Personally I think Mike from Ampslab has done an excellent job designing and presenting this kit, it allows the home constructor to build high performance amplifiers for a reasonable price without added complexity."

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